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Stone Age Sam is a point-and-click adventure game that has the player take control of a caveman named Sam in six levels of his adventures, from simple things such as foraging for food, hunting wild animals as well as starting a family. The gameplay consists of the player finding certain objects in the environment to combine and construct weapons and tools to accomplish tasks.

There are also obstacles and enemies to avoid such as crocodiles, bears and even rival caveman. Players must figure out how to avoid these enemies by distracting them or completely bypassing them. Some other elements on the environment will react to the player pointing the mouse over them (butterflies will fly off, some trees contain birds that will fly off, even a tiny lizard that will try to escape the pointer). Points are awarded on how fast the player can complete the level.

Game Controls for StoneAge Sam

It’s a point and click adventure, so the level can only be completed when items and areas are clicked on in the correct order. Correct timing of actions is also required on some levels.

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