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Stealth Hunter


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This is a super agent game. You are making an operation to rival’s office. They are going to accomplish new guns. You must gum up prototype of guns. You are alone for this target. After the game is ready you can read explanation so you can learn control buttons duty. Move with arrow keys. Use equipments with SPACE button. You can explode explosive with Z-X buttons. Have a good time.

Game Controls for Stealth Hunter

Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. The SPACEBAR will allow you to take actions. Use ‘Z’ to leave bombs and press ‘X’ to detonate, when you’re ready. Move onto the elevated tile to move to the next level. You can press up against a wall and move sideways to move with more stealth. You can also push crates by just stepping into its spot. Don’t skip the tutorial and instructions. This step is very important if you want to get your uber-cool moves sharp and slick.

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