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The robots are rioting!
Showing a complete lack of respect for their human masters the robots have decided they no longer wish to do the dirty work for which they were created.
The rampaging rogue robots must be stopped.
Fortunately one robot has remained loyal.
You must guide this lone robo-ranger through 30 levels of metal-massacre. Shoot all the enemies to complete each level.

Exploding enemies may eject bonus stars, collect these for extra points:
silver-star = 5 points
gold-star = 10 points
diamond-star = 20 points
In addition power-ups are sometimes ejected, including:
Sometimes time-warp chips are also ejected. When you grab one of these a warp field is activated which slows all enemies and bullets caught within it.

All points awarded are multiplied by your current score-multiplier which is reset back to 1 when you lose a life.

Gun power-ups come in 3 grades, upgrade by grabbing more power-ups of the same type while the first is in effect.
You can tell which grade you currently have in each category by glancing at the color of the timer-bars on the right side of the screen:
blue for grade 1
green for grade 2
orange for grade 3

On most levels you find human refugees wandering about. You can rescue these guys for extra points – touch them and they will be teleported to safety.
If a refugee comes into contact with a Braniac enemy he is transformed into an invincible titanium terminator who will relentlessly
pursue you and absolutely will not stop until you are dead, (or you complete the level).

Scattered about each level are a number of reactors. These are obstacles which you should avoid touching and which you can shoot for extra points.
There are 3 kinds (colors) of reactor: hydro (blue), chemical (green), and nuclear (red). The chemical and nuclear reactors are volatile,
when they explode they let off a blast wave which damages all enemies in their vicinity and destroys enemy bullets.
Reactors can provide cover because they block both enemies and their weapons – this is especially handy against the beam weapons of robo jelly fish.

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