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The mother penguin and father penguin are in danger because of some bad polar bears. (We all know that penguins and polar bears actually live at opposite ends of the earth, but the game is still fun!) The bears set the whole Antarctic pole on fire! (OK, don’t use this game to teach about nature or geography)
The penguins’ home is not live-able anymore. But there’s one chance to save it – in the faraway magical forest, there is a magic stone which the penguins can use to restore the Antarctic to its formerly peaceful state. So the penguin couple set off on a quest to ensure the survival of penguin-kind…

How to play Penguins Adventure:
Penguin mom:

  • AD = move
  • W = jump
  • S = use tools (once a tool is picked up)

Penguin dad:

  • left-right arrow keys = move
  • up arrow key = jump
  • down arrow key = use tools (after a tool is picked up)./li>

Note: A penguin can step on the head of the other to get out of a difficult spot.

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