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Paranoid Asteroid

Action, Adventure, Shooting

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How many asteroids can you destroy… SAVE THE WORLD from the meteor shower!! DESTROY. AVOID. COLLECT!

All the asteroids on screen by flying into them. AVOID the parachuters and COLLECT the pick ups! How many asteroids can you destroy… YELLOW – restores part of your power
RED – gives you x-ray power
PURPLE – refills fully the world health
GREY – magnetizes you to suck everything in
GREEN – spins your character to destroy the asteroids and not harm the parachuters
4 UNLOCKABLE CHARACTERS each with their own power:

The G – Has more x-ray power (once picked up)
Freak Man – Can hit the parachuters for extra power
Head-Chog – A lot faster
Power Suit – Your power restores on its own

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