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An arcade game that takes place in a Pannenkoekenhuis (Pancake House). It just so happens that pancakes live in ovens. You have harnessed the radiation of the oven to burn the pancakes. However, in the meantime, you must survive the heat of the Pancake House, while racking up as many points as you can within one minute. Keep pancakes within your radius to slowly burn them while avoiding direct contact. When the radiation comes from the top of the screen, hide behind the pancakes to survive.

Two kinds of powerups can be dropped from killed enemies:
-Toast (purple): Increases your burn rate for a small amount of time.
-Mine (red): Explodes and damages any pancakes nearby.

Use the Arrow Keys to burn pancakes within your radius, and the Space bar to shrink. While shrunk, you can run faster, but cannot attack.

Kill a number of enemies in a row to rack up combos, increasing your score. Your burn rate also increases based on the current combo count.

Get as high of a score as you can. And don’t die. That’s important too.

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