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IFT Heros

Action, Shooting

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This is a classic shooting game from the Stickman series. Choose your character and get to work, trying to find out what happened and who did it. This combination action-adventure, shooting, and puzzle game is a long-time favorite, and we are sure you’ll enjoy playing it. Although the graphics are quite simple, IFT Heros has a strong atmosphere and sense of danger and excitement. Good luck!


How to play IFT Heros:
Left mouse button: Fire
Spacebar: Pick up
R: Reload
Q: Control switch
(there are more detailed instructions inside the game)

Hints for playing IFT Heros:

  • Pay attention to the tips and objectives that appear on screen as you figure out what you need to do.
  • Find your car, and drive to the gun shop to buy a weapon early on
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