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Gogo Train

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GOGO Train is a unique puzzle game where your job is to figure out the best route for a train track to go across a map from one place to another. There are obstacles along the way, as well as places where the train needs to stop. To learn how to play, first try going through the tutorial mode. Once you see how the puzzle works, you can move on to the challenge mode, the DIY (do it yourself) mode, and Free mode. In DIY mode you can produce your very own train puzzle. You can then copy the puzzle you made and share it with your friends!

How to play Gogo Train:

You control everything with your mouse. The controls are fairly simple, so once you go through the in-game tutorial mode, you should have no trouble. There are a few parts to the tutorial and each of them will show you something new and useful about how to play this fascinating game.

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