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A leaf was sleeping the day away. While the sun shined on the leaf and as the wind slowly blew on the leaf putting it deeper and deeper into a great sleep. As the days passed by and Fall began to come, the leaf started to have one crazy unforgettable nightmare, that this leaf will not forget. Move with the mouse, to dodge the Bad Guys on the screen.

Left Click To Make a Sonic Boom, that destroys
all the Bad Guys around you.

Pick up leaves to gain Power, so you can use your Left click

The goal of this game is to last the longest you can with
out getting hit by any of the Bad Guys on the screen.

The longer you last the higher your score will be.
The highter your score is the better your rank will be
on the High Scores.

Tip 1: It’s ok to let your leaf on your head be hit by
the Bad Guys.

Tip 2: Don’t forget that the more Bad Guys on the screen
the more score you will get.

Tip 3: Keep your eye on the main character’s circle part.

Tip 4: Before the Bad Guys are made they are sliver and
they will slowly become green, before it becomes a Bad Guy.

And don’t forget, to have fun!

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