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Bleach vs-Naruto 1.0


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This is the classic version of the great Bleach vs Naruto fighting game. Newer versions have come out, but many players still love this one best. Select your character, and let the battle begin! The characters have many skill, so there are quite a few controls to remember. But once you’ve learned them, this is one of the best fighting games ever. Take a couple of minutes to learn the controls before you get into a real fighting battle. Controls:
To begin, press J.
Use AD to select your character, and press J again to confirm.
Then the fighting can begin.
Use AD to move,
S to defend,
J to attack,
K to jump,
L to run fast,
U to shoot your power beam,
I for super shot (need to be “full” of anger),
“O” get your power back.

Keys that can be played together:
W+J – power ring,
S+J – ring of fire,
W+U – fire crystal darts,
S+U – power charge,
W+I or S+I – get up if knocked down,
duck down press “L”,
and press J+K for the kill

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